September Summary

This month:

  • 15 Friends & Faux Postcards have been sent out (from an overall total of 35)
  • They have travelled to 5 different countries – Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, UK, USA – bringing the total number of countries visited to 6 (several Postcards from the first wave travelled to Australia)
  • 4 Postcards were sent out to September winners of the Lucky Draw
  • 7 Travelogs have been posted (including story-so-far photos) out of 11 total updates
  • 2 Postcards are halfway home! F&F #13 and F&F #18 are so far furthest along their journeys, each with 3 new artistamps added since departure from F&F HQ

If there are particular stats not listed above that would be of interest, please post below, and I will share the info, if available.

It’s still very early days – what will happen next?

If a Friends & Faux Postcard passes through your hands, please submit a tracking form to help us track where it has been & where it is going next!

F&F Travelog #13.3


F&F 13 began it’s journey with Ginger Snaps in Vancouver (Canada).  After a brief sojourn just across the border with Rose Momsen in Point Roberts (Point Bob!), Washington, this Postcard is now travelling back to my old friend Penelope Harris in Vancouver.  Thanks for the update, Rose – another Postcard halfway home!  Tracking details.

F&F Travelog #18.3


F&F 18 began it’s journey with Jennie Hinchcliff of Red Letter Day in San Francisco (USA).  It has not yet left town but is half full already, courtesy of the SF Correspondence Coop, and thus further along its journey than any other card we have yet had a progress report for.  Thanks to Jennifer Utter (San Francisco) for this update photo.  The Postcard will shortly be travelling to its next recipient in…San Francisco!  Hurrah – halfway home!  Tracking details.

F&F Travelog #24.2


F&F #24 passed back through my own hands en route to its 4th participant (so far it has not left the city of Derby – will it ever manage to venture beyond…?).  As each postcard bears the ‘official’ Friends & Faux logo stamp & postmark in the first spot, I decided to take advantage of the fact that this one was in my possession again (briefly) and added a second artistamp with a little more individuality, as well.  The fact that I didn’t check if it would fit the gallery frame first, and had to squeeze my name down the side says it all, really! 😉  Tracking details.