September Summary

This month:

  • 15 Friends & Faux Postcards have been sent out (from an overall total of 35)
  • They have travelled to 5 different countries – Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, UK, USA – bringing the total number of countries visited to 6 (several Postcards from the first wave travelled to Australia)
  • 4 Postcards were sent out to September winners of the Lucky Draw
  • 7 Travelogs have been posted (including story-so-far photos) out of 11 total updates
  • 2 Postcards are halfway home! F&F #13 and F&F #18 are so far furthest along their journeys, each with 3 new artistamps added since departure from F&F HQ

If there are particular stats not listed above that would be of interest, please post below, and I will share the info, if available.

It’s still very early days – what will happen next?

If a Friends & Faux Postcard passes through your hands, please submit a tracking form to help us track where it has been & where it is going next!


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