F&F Travelog #56.1

FF56.1F&F #56 has received its first update, from Mimi Boothby of Seattle (USA).  (F&F #56 was sent out to replace #40 which appears to be missing in action – although hopefully will one day still arrive!)  Next stop for this Postcard is Lake Country (Canada)… (Tracking details)

This postcard is also the first to be pictured featuring the new style of ‘official’ Friends & Faux artistamp in the first spot: the new style is printed on gummed paper & hand-perforated with a pattern wheel, rather than the original version which was professionally printed on label paper, with printed ‘faux’ perforations (see previous Travelogs).

F&F Travelog #3.5

FF3.5F&F #3 is still winging its way around the world and looking like a strong contender for the next ‘homer’…!   This update comes courtesy of Carroll Woods in California, USA (artist of the 5th stamp on this Postcard), who kindly forwarded a photo provided by Cherry Dulany (also of California), artist of the most recent addition to this Postcard.  Next stop currently unknown…  Tracking details.