F&F Travelog #25.5

FF25.5F&F #25 began its journey passed on to a local friend, here in Derby (UK).  It continued eluding the postal system as it acquired 4 new artistamps and was then returned to me, once again passed on by hand (it appeared in my pigeon hole at work; however, I think it unlikely that carrier pigeons were in any way involved…).  Today, F&F #25 will meet the Royal Mail for the first time as it sets off to visit Cheetarah Cheda in Leiden (the Netherlands).  Tracking details.

F&F #25 is only the third F&F Postcard from Version 2 – so far – to have acquired a TangleStamp with TangleMail postmark (the Local Post of Tangledom being the starting point for my own forays into faux postage).  This one is printed on lick & stick paper, and hand-perforated with a pattern wheel.


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