F&F Travelog #59.7 – ‘homer’!

FF59.7And we have another ‘homer’: F&F #59!  Kindly returned to F&F Central by Bethany Lee of Poetic Paper Post, in Florida (USA), this Postcard is showing a little wear & tear from its journeying with both a torn artistamp & a missing artistamp in the top row (see unscathed versions here), and a US postal barcode label obscuring the participants details on the lower row (see tracking linked below for known details of Postcard’s contributors).  Personally, I love the visible after-effects of the Postcard’s time in transit – that’s what makes it mail art! 🙂    Tracking details.

F&F Travelog #33.7 – ‘homer’!

FF33.7It seems to be the month for it – yet another ‘homer’ has arrived safely home at F&F Central: F&F #33!  Kindly returned home by its final ‘stamper’, Petra Weimer in Kalletal (Germany) and without any other sneak previews during its journey,  this Postcard is possibly the most widely travelled so far, stopping off as it has in USA, Sweden, Greece, and Italy en route to Germany (before home to the UK).   Tracking details.

F&F Travelog #34.7 – the third ‘homer’!

FF34.7Freshly arrived at F&F Central is F&F #34, the third ‘homer’ of the project so far!  This postcard began its journey in the US, with 3 stops there followed by 3 stops across France before returning to the UK where it was completed & kindly returned by Alan Brignull, resident of fictional Flatby aka Wivenhoe, Essex (UK).    Tracking details.

Look out for details of the 1st Friends & Faux (V.2) mini zine, which will be available later this week in the F&F sub-section of the TangleStore.  All who have contributed photographic evidence of the project as well as their postal address (via the Tracking Form) will be in line for a free copy. 🙂

February Summary

In February 2014:

  • 4 Friends & Faux Postcards were sent out (from an overall total of 69)
  • They have travelled to the USA or within the UK
  • 0 Postcards have been allocated to winners of the Lucky Draw as no entries were received throughout February!  Enter now, as the Lucky Draw will be closing at end of March 2014!
  • 15 Travelogs have been posted (including story-so-far photos) with updates on 7 different Postcards – a well-travelled month!
  • UPDATE: When you submit a Travelog with photo, you may now choose to receive a new Friends & Faux Postcard, instead of waiting for a project mini zine.  The choice is yours – please specify on the newly revised Tracking Form.
  • More updates to follow!

If a Friends & Faux Postcard passes through your hands, please submit a tracking form to help us track where it has been & where it is going next!