F&F Travelog #34.7 – the third ‘homer’!

FF34.7Freshly arrived at F&F Central is F&F #34, the third ‘homer’ of the project so far!  This postcard began its journey in the US, with 3 stops there followed by 3 stops across France before returning to the UK where it was completed & kindly returned by Alan Brignull, resident of fictional Flatby aka Wivenhoe, Essex (UK).    Tracking details.

Look out for details of the 1st Friends & Faux (V.2) mini zine, which will be available later this week in the F&F sub-section of the TangleStore.  All who have contributed photographic evidence of the project as well as their postal address (via the Tracking Form) will be in line for a free copy. 🙂


4 thoughts on “F&F Travelog #34.7 – the third ‘homer’!

  1. Thanks, Phillip. The Perfect State of Flatby does look to real-world stamp design for inspiration. This one is 1960s Netherlands.

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