F&F Travelog #33.7 – ‘homer’!

FF33.7It seems to be the month for it – yet another ‘homer’ has arrived safely home at F&F Central: F&F #33!  Kindly returned home by its final ‘stamper’, Petra Weimer in Kalletal (Germany) and without any other sneak previews during its journey,  this Postcard is possibly the most widely travelled so far, stopping off as it has in USA, Sweden, Greece, and Italy en route to Germany (before home to the UK).   Tracking details.


3 thoughts on “F&F Travelog #33.7 – ‘homer’!

  1. This isn’t the homer that I sent. 🙂 I’m happy to be involved with two postcards that made it back to you! I’m happy BF passed it on. I hadn’t heard any updates about this one, so this makes my morning to know it arrived safely! The other one should reach you any day now… B.

    • Oops – thank you for that, I will re-credit the post to the correct player! Good news, though – your real homer (59) just arrived today & will be blogged tomorrow. 😀

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