F&F Travelog #59.7 – ‘homer’!

FF59.7And we have another ‘homer’: F&F #59!  Kindly returned to F&F Central by Bethany Lee of Poetic Paper Post, in Florida (USA), this Postcard is showing a little wear & tear from its journeying with both a torn artistamp & a missing artistamp in the top row (see unscathed versions here), and a US postal barcode label obscuring the participants details on the lower row (see tracking linked below for known details of Postcard’s contributors).  Personally, I love the visible after-effects of the Postcard’s time in transit – that’s what makes it mail art! 🙂    Tracking details.


One thought on “F&F Travelog #59.7 – ‘homer’!

  1. Fantastic to see so many homers recently. In many, but not all, cases the US printed bar code can be removed if you do it gently. Of course you may wish to leave our as is.

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