March Summary

In March 2014:

  • 6 Friends & Faux Postcards were sent out (from an overall total of 80), travelling to the USA & Canada
  • 3 Postcards were allocated to the last ever Lucky Draw winners
  • 1 Travelog was posted (including story-so-far photo)…
  • …and an unprecedented 4 homers arrived back at F&F Central!
  • The first F&F zine of Version 2 has been completed & will be available from the F&F store within the next few weeks.  Everyone who has submitted a pic used in a Travelog post (using the tracking form linked below) will receive a complementary copy, to be despatched during the course of April.  Thank you to everyone who is helping to make this project a success! 🙂

If a Friends & Faux Postcard passes through your hands, please submit a tracking form to help us track where it has been & where it is going next!


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