F&F Travelog #98.3

FF98.3F&F #98 has also been updated by Judy Dunworth, who is sending the Postcard on within San Francisco, USA…  (Tracking details)


F&F Travelog #67.1

FF67.1F&F #67 apparently took the scenic route to visit Philip Lerche in Ohio!  It arrived a mere 3 months after despatch, bearing a (large!) Royal Mail label regarding insufficient postage (I frequently make up postage amounts using multiple smaller value (vintage) stamps, so it is possible/probable that I miscalculated by a penny or two, resulting in this slight hiccup!).  Still, at least this postcard definitely has a story to tell from its travels, and it has barely got started yet! 😉  Its next stop is with Ja in Iowa…  (Tracking details)

F&F #25.7 – another homer!

FF25.7FF25.1After doing the local rounds in Derby, F&F #25 continued its journey with Cheetarah Cheda in Leiden (the Netherlands).  Sadly, the very first artistamp added (by internationally acclaimed photographer John Blakemore) did not survive transit from UK to the Netherlands, but here it is, in all its glory:

Tracking details.

F&F #4.7 – homer!

FF4.7Today I’m happy to report the safe homecoming of F&F #4, one of the very first batch of F&F Postcards to begin circulation on August 30th last year.  Its journey began with an artistamp added by Beanie Mouse, here in the UK, then accumulated 3 artistamps from destinations unknown, before 3 stops in the USA and a last passage home to F&F Central courtesy of S. Wurlitzer.  Thank you to everybody who helped this postcard along its way!  Tracking details.

April Summary

(Oops, I was away over the last week & nearly forgot the new-month update!  Slightly belated, here it is:)

In April 2014:

  • 29 Friends & Faux Postcards were sent out (from an overall total of 105), travelling within the UK as well as to Australia, Canada, France, and USA.  This was a bumper month due to the number of homers received during March enabling me to complete a bumper sized ‘mini’ zine, which was then sent out to contributors, along with a new Postcard.  (All contributors who provided a useable photo-update should have received a copy, so please let me know if you have not had yours!) Apologies that I have not yet managed to make the zine available through the F&F store – it’s still on my to-do list, and will honestly get there soon(ish…)!
  • 9 Travelogs were posted (including story-so-far photos)…
  • …but 0 homers this time…  I think we have a couple in circulation that are reaching completion, though, so fingers crossed May will see a couple more arrive home…

If a Friends & Faux Postcard passes through your hands, please submit a tracking form to help us track where it has been & where it is going next!