F&F Travelog #71.5

FF71.5F&F #71 has had another update, this time from Christie Juhasz in Florida (USA), who has sent the Postcard on to Colorado.  Here I also learn that lovely textured handmade papers do not withstand travel in the open especially well, and are thus not best suited as base material for artistamps (see 2nd stamp along top row)…  (Tracking details)


5 thoughts on “F&F Travelog #71.5

  1. I think the sorting machines can be a little brutal on the cards & stamps. All part of the process, though, and at least you have great images of them from some point in their journeys.

    • Oh definitely; and to be honest, I prefer to see a little wear & tear – if everything survives perfectly, there’s no real evidence of the huge journey these little postcards have undertaken… 🙂

  2. I made a stamp for this one and sent it on to California…but over a week later no word on its whereabouts…hmmm

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