F&F #85.7 – another homer!

FF85.7F&F #85 accompanied Penelope Harris (artistamp 3) and Rose Momsen (artistamp 7) to an art retreat in Canada and collected its full complement of faux postage in one sitting from mostly Canadian and a couple of American contributors. Some beautiful work here!


F&F #71.7 – homer!


F&F #71 began its journey with Stewart Charlebois in Canada then travelled a few of the United States before heading back home to Derby (UK) – showing a little wear & tear, but lots of character!

May Summary

In May 2014:

  • 5 Friends & Faux Postcards were sent out (from an overall total of 110), travelling to the Netherlands, and USA.
  • 8 Travelogs were posted (including story-so-far photos)…
  • …and @TangleCrafts on Twitter has been featuring a daily Artistamp of the Day, from the Friends & Faux archive – this will be ongoing for a while longer.

I’m afraid the admin of keeping on top of all the all the updates has been escaping me a little lately, so I’m currently working on ways to streamline the process. Please bear with me if you send in an update – I¬†will get back to you!

If a Friends & Faux Postcard passes through your hands, please submit a tracking form to help us track where it has been & where it is going next!