August Update

Thank you to everyone who has continued to send me updates on their F&F Postcards since my last post.  I owe a backlog of ‘thank you’ postcards & zines but have allocated some time in the next few weeks to get caught up.  My aim is to have everything sent out by the end of September.

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been struggling to make time to keep on top of documenting the Friends & Faux Project.  At first, I thought I might need to close the Project (which I really didn’t want to do!).  However, I realised that by a making a couple of minor changes to the structure, it should be possible to keep everything running smoothly, but with a slightly lower level of maintenance.

Changes made:

  • The old Tracking Form is gone!  However, I would really appreciate it if you could update your Postcard’s status in the Comments section of the revised Tracking Page.  Thank you! 🙂
  • Fewer updates:  I will still post to the blog as regularly as I can, buy will condense Tracking updates into single posts of selected highlights, rather than multiple, individual posts.  ‘Homers’ will still be honoured with a highlighted post of their very own, though!
  • Free Zines – apologies, but I really had to scale this back.  Free zines are now reserved for those who return completed Postcards home to F&F HQ.  Details here.

Hopefully, you will continue to follow the project, and continue to share your own contributions.  Thank you again to everybody who has participated so far & helped to make the Friends & Faux Project a success! 🙂