Welcome to Friends & Faux (Version 2)!

What is Friends & Faux?

Friends & Faux is a mail art project devised by Su Mwamba (TangleCrafts), first hosted in 2010.  It’s main purpose is to discover faux postage created by mail artists worldwide, and to encourage the uninitiated to experiment with this fascinating art/craft, the creative cousin of philately.  Postage stamps are tiny works of art.  Faux postage stamps (/artistamps) are your tiny works of art!

How F&F Works

I have designed special Friends & Faux Postcards which include spaces for 8 faux postage stamps. The Postcards are sent around the world from person to person, with each recipient adding an artistamp in one of the allocated spaces before passing on to the next participant. Eventually, the F&F Postcards return home, complete with a ‘gallery’ of 8 different artistamps from 8 different mail artists*.

F&F (V1) #21 Left: one of the completed cards from F&F Version 1 (2010).

*Anybody can be a mail artist – simply add a doodle in one of the boxes & you have created art!

* * * * *

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