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I have left the information below as a record, but no further postcards will be sent out nor updates recorded. Apologies for any disappointment.

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What is Friends & Faux?

Friends & Faux is a mail art project devised by Su Mwamba (TangleCrafts), first hosted in 2010.  It’s main purpose is to discover faux postage created by mail artists worldwide, and to encourage the uninitiated to experiment with this fascinating art/craft, the creative cousin of philately.  Postage stamps are tiny works of art.  Faux postage stamps (/artistamps) are your tiny works of art!

How F&F Works

I have designed special Friends & Faux Postcards which include spaces for 8 faux postage stamps. The Postcards are sent around the world from person to person, with each recipient adding an artistamp in one of the allocated spaces before passing on to the next participant. Eventually, the F&F Postcards return home, complete with a ‘gallery’ of 8 different artistamps from 8 different mail artists*.  Please see Friends & Faux Help page for further info.

F&F (V1) #21 Left: one of the completed cards from F&F Version 1 (2010).

*Anybody can be a mail artist – simply add a doodle in one of the boxes & you have created art!



The first Friends & Faux Project was initiated in 2010, not long after I discovered & fell in love with the world of faux postage. I printed postcards on my home printer & over a period of 6 months sent 60 postcards out into the world – to people who I had previously corresponded with, random people I found on, and anybody else who showed an interest.

Many postcards disappeared into the ether, but a total of 8 completed postcards made it home. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances I moved house several times following the inception of the project, and so the Postcards’ journey home was complicated even further. Although it is possible that the occasional stray Postcard may still re-surface in the wake of this re-launch, it seems likely that most of the travelling Friends & Faux postcards of Version 1 are well and truly lost. (However, should one cross your path, please contact me for the current return address!)

F&F Version 2

In August 2013, I decided the time had come to re-launch the Friends & Faux Project. Version 1 was a great ‘trial run’ and has helped me iron out some wrinkles in logistics for the new & improved Friends & Faux Version 2.

How can you help?

If an F&F Postcard passes through your hands, please stop by the Tracking page and leave a comment with your Postcard’s Number, location.  A photo, or link to a photo, of your Postcard-in-Progress would be greatly appreciated; and if you want to leave a blog/website address, you can do that, too.  🙂

Version 2 Changes

  • Professionally printed F&F Postcards, for durability (I was advised that the surface peeled off some of the handmade postcards sent out previously – not ideal!).
  • Password provided on F&F Postcards to access Return Home address (to avoid any future unanticipated re-location issues!)

By adding an artistamp to an F&F Postcard, you agree to the use of your artwork in future documentation of the Friends & Faux Project by Su Mwamba/TangleCrafts.


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