F&F #25.7 – another homer!

FF25.7FF25.1After doing the local rounds in Derby, F&F #25 continued its journey with Cheetarah Cheda in Leiden (the Netherlands).  Sadly, the very first artistamp added (by internationally acclaimed photographer John Blakemore) did not survive transit from UK to the Netherlands, but here it is, in all its glory:

Tracking details.

F&F Travelog #25.5

FF25.5F&F #25 began its journey passed on to a local friend, here in Derby (UK).  It continued eluding the postal system as it acquired 4 new artistamps and was then returned to me, once again passed on by hand (it appeared in my pigeon hole at work; however, I think it unlikely that carrier pigeons were in any way involved…).  Today, F&F #25 will meet the Royal Mail for the first time as it sets off to visit Cheetarah Cheda in Leiden (the Netherlands).  Tracking details.

F&F #25 is only the third F&F Postcard from Version 2 – so far – to have acquired a TangleStamp with TangleMail postmark (the Local Post of Tangledom being the starting point for my own forays into faux postage).  This one is printed on lick & stick paper, and hand-perforated with a pattern wheel.