F&F Tracking

The story so far… 

Are you in possession of a Friends & Faux Postcard?
Thank you for helping us to track the project!

Simply add a comment in the space below, including the number of the Postcard in your possession, your location, and where it will be travelling next (if known).  A photo (or link to a photo), of your Postcard-in-Progress would be greatly appreciated; and if you want to leave a blog/website address, you can do that, too.  🙂

Please note, this process replaces the previous Tracking Form (no longer available).  Thank you!


14 thoughts on “F&F Tracking

  1. I gave you a shout out, and shared the link to your Friends and Faux blog. If you are interested in seeing the post, you can check it out at http://www.artofaletter.blogspot.com.
    I have affixed my stamp to the card you sent and will send it off in a day or so. I have asked for an interested volunteer to receive the card from me. If I don’t get any takers, then I will send it on to someone I know will be diligent to send it on its way! Thanks for including me in the fun! See you in the mail! Elle

  2. I received my F&F postcard last month, and have sent it on to Phoenix AZ, (it has been received already!), after that, it hopefully will be sent to Tolleson Arizona! Thanks for letting participate, it’s a bundle of fun!

  3. I shared the photo of the card I have No. 96 on my mail art blog’s FaceBook page and linked it to you…..in San Francisco now and off to Portland tomorrow….

  4. I’ve got two cards at my house in New Jersey! Number 39 and number 78. I’ll be posting pictures of them later today, in the hopes of finding their next recipients. 🙂

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