F&F Postcard #51 – #60

Friends & Faux Postcard Travelog
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Postcards #1 – #10

Postcards #11 – #20

Postcards #21 – #30

Postcards #31 – #40

Postcards #41 – #50

Postcard #51

  • Dec 2nd 2013 – sent to Jane Belisle, USA (Virginia)

Postcard #52

  • Dec 2nd 2013sent to Jamie Braziel, USA (Texas)

Postcard #53

  • Dec 2nd 2013sent to Heidi Johnson, USA (Colorado)

Postcard #54

  • Dec 10th 2013sent to Carroll Woods, USA (California)
  • Jan 5th 2013 – update from Phyllis Lucas Haddow, USA (San Anselmo, California).  On way to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Postcard #55

  • Dec 14th 2013sent to Vizma Bruns, Australia (Waitpinga)
  • Jan 23rd 2013 – logged by Vizma, next stop Victoria; update here
  • Feb 4th 2014 – logged by Rosemary, Australia (Victoria); update here. Sent to USA (California) on Feb 3rd.
  • Feb 11th 2014 – logged by Lynne Gurnee, USA (California); update here.  Sent on within California.
  • Feb 14th 2014 – logged by Edge Gerring in California; update here.  Sent on to Wisconsin as of Feb 15th.
  • Feb 20th 2014 – logged by Angie Cope in Wisconsin; update here.  Sent on to the Blessed Father in California.
  • Feb 26th 2014 – logged by the Blessed Father – continuing on to Jay Block in Massachusetts.
  • Mar 4th 2014 – logged by Jay who has completed this Postcard, ready to return to F&F Central!
  • Mar 16th 2014 – arrived home at F&F Central; update here.

Postcard #56

  • Dec 14th 2013sent to Mimi Boothby, USA (Seattle) – replacing Postcard #40, currently missing in action
  • Dec 29th 2013 – safe arrival logged by Mimi in Seattle.
  • Dec 30th 2013 – on way to Canada (Lake Country).
  • Feb 1st 2014 – logged by Sea Dean, Canada. Next stop within Lake Country, Canada. Update here.
  • Feb 26th 2014 – logged by Sharlene McNeill in Canada; next travelling back to the UK, Hampshire. Update here.

Postcard #57

  • Jan 8th 2014sent to Susan O’Bryant, USA (Georgia)

Postcard #58

  • Jan 8th 2014sent to Sea Dean, Canada (Lake Country)
  • Feb 1st 2014 – logged by Sea; update here. On way to Vernon, British Columbia (Canada).
  • Feb 24th 2014 – logged by Sylvia Scriver in Vernon; update here.
  • Mar 5th 2014 – on way to USA (North Carolina)

Postcard #59

  • Jan 8th 2014sent to Aurelie Forciniti, France (Terville)
  • Jan 16th 2014 – logged by Aurelie; artistamp added and heading back to the F&F Filatelic Bureau before travelling on to next participant.  Update here.
  • Jan 22nd 2014 – safely received back at F&F Central (Derby, United Kingdom), where an artistamp was added by visiting mail artist, Britta Jarvis
  • Jan 30th 2014TangleStamp added; sent on to Marguerite Keen, USA (Pennsylvania) as of Jan 31st.  Update here.
  • Feb 6th 2014 – arrival logged by Marguerite, but postcard missing TangleStamp. 😦  Next stop California.
  • Mar 6th 2014 – logged by C. Mehrl Bennett in Ohio (USA) who has added the penultimate artistamp and forwarded to Florida.
  • Mar 25th 2014 – arrived home at F&F Central, courtesy of Bethany Lee in Florida; update here.

Postcard #60

  • Jan 8th 2014sent to Janetta Rodriguez, USA (Texas)

Postcards #61 – #70

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