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I have left the information below as a record, but no further postcards will be sent out nor updates recorded. Apologies for any disappointment.

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Before asking a question, please read through the Q & A below, and also the following pages, which provide a lot of additional information:

I’d really like to join the Friends & Faux project – how do I get a postcard?

You can ‘buy’ a postcard (price covers cost of fees & postage) or a Support Pack from the Friends & Faux store. Alternatively, you can request a Friends & Faux Postcard as a completely free add-on with absolutely any purchase from TangleCrafts or ETPrintworks.

I have a Friends & Faux postcard – what do I do next?

Follow the instructions on the back of the postcard!

Yes but…it says I need to add an artistamp.  Does it have to be made in a particular way?  Can I just draw something in the postage stamp frame?  I’m not an artist & I can’t draw – does that matter?

You can make your faux postage stamp by whatever means you like.  You are very welcome to draw/doodle/paint/collage/print/craft-or-otherwise-artify directly onto the Postcard.  You are equally welcome to add a separate artistamp (as per the F&F example in the first gallery space).  You can use any type of paper, any means of adhesion, any form of perforation (or not), any kind of design or art/craft technique.  It doesn’t matter if it is entirely amateur or if you are a professional artist: if it is a faux postage stamp made by you then it counts!  Please see Faux Postage Q & A for further tips on making an artistamp if you have no idea where to begin.

The Friends & Faux artistamp has its own postmark – do I need a postmark to go with my stamp?

Nope!  Feel free include a cancellation mark if you have one or want to draw/make one, but the only requirement for the project is to add a faux postage stamp.  Any extra bits are entirely optional.

Is there a time limit?

Not really.  Friends & Faux is an ongoing project, so if you have a hectic spell in your life and want to come back to it later, just put the Postcard aside for a while (but somewhere safe, where you can find it again!).  Obviously, though, the sooner your Postcard is moving again, the sooner it will meet its next mail artist, and the sooner it will complete its mini tour of the world.

Okay, I’ve added an artistamp.  Now what?  Who do I send it to next?

Once you have added your artistamp, please add a label to the reverse of the postcard, to cover the previous recipient’s address, write on a new address, add postage stamps, and send.  You can send the Postcard to anybody you think might like to participate in the Project.  (You can also pass it on in person if you happen to know somebody who would like to participate.)

But I have no idea who to send my Postcard to…

If you really can’t think of a penpal, or a crafty friend, or an alternative destination, use the password printed on the card to access the Postcard Return page, and send the Postcard home to me.  I will be happy to find further destinations for partially completed Postcards, on your behalf. 🙂

I’ve received a Friends & Faux Postcard but don’t have time and/or don’t want to participate in the Project.  What should I do?

I would really appreciate it if you could pass the Postcard on to a new participant, or simply return the Postcard home to me (see question/answer above).  Thank you!

Any other questions?

Just ask! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Friends & Faux help

  1. Thank you for my free card. I am thrilled, have already made a stamp for it. I also ordered one from Etsy, so I am wondering why it has not arrived. The one I purchased I paid for November 3, 2013. So I guess the one I got could be EITHER the one I bought OR the one I won.
    Next question; do you have a place where people like me who really like to play can put our names and addresses just in case someone else doesn’t know where to send it? Thanks

    • Hi Mimi – Oh dear, it looks like the postcard purchased thru Etsy must have gone astray! 😦 That one was #40 and was logged here: so the one you have received is definitely the one from the Lucky Draw. I will send you another postcard to compensate for the missing one, as that really should have arrived by now…
      In answer to your question about where to send next, not currently! It’s something I’ve been thinking about, and definitely a good idea, but I’m currently working on the logistics of how best to keep something like that organised. Hopefully I will have it figured out sometime in the new year, and will add a blog post to explain how it will work.

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