F&F V. 1

The first Friends & Faux Project was initiated in 2010, not long after I discovered & fell in love with the world of faux postage (artistamps). I printed postcards on my home printer & over a period of 6 months sent 60 postcards out into the world – to people who I had previously corresponded with, random people I found on sendsomething.net, and anybody else who showed an interest.

F&F (V.1) #1 reverse

Many postcards disappeared into the ether, but a total of 8 completed postcards made it home.  Pic to the left shows the reverse of the first postcard sent out for the Project after its return home, complete with overlabelled addresses, postage stamps and airmail labels from around the world – almost as fascinating as the front!

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances I moved house several times following the inception of the project, and so the Postcards’ journey home was complicated even further. Although it is possible that the occasional stray Postcard may still re-surface in the wake of this re-launch, it seems likely that most of the travelling Friends & Faux postcards of Version 1 are well and truly lost. (However, should one cross your path, please contact me for the current return address!)

This shiny new blog has now arrived to document movements throughout the new edition of Friends & Faux.  Version 1, though, was documented on the TangleCrafts website, through update posts, and an ongoing log.

Three mini zines are also available, providing a gallery of faux postage from all the postcards which arrived home from F&F Version 1:

FF Mini 1,1FF Mini 2,1.jpegFF Mini 3,1.jpeg.jpeg





Along the way, a couple of F&F (V1) postcards found their way into the paws of celebrity artist of the Found Art blog, Beanie Mouse.

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